Wcc3 new File Launched By Akhtiar Gaming Starji Working V1.3


More than 60 Million downloads!TWO Tournaments and 15 Overs is opened at this point! 

World Cricket Championship just improved! 

Play the pack of three of the most zapping cricket match-ups on the planet: 

- World Cricket Championship 

- World Premier League 

- Super Fantasy Cricket League 

Need more focuses? Solicitation for focuses from your companions. 

Taste the accomplishment of collaboration with the all new Gangs of Cricket! (Achievement accompanies a prize!) 

Yell for all to hear and make new companions at the SHOUTBOARD! 

FEEL THE STADIUM COME Invigorated with excellent illustrations, proficient editorial and a group that you make with your companions. 

Have no uncertainty about the abilities of your players. They are furnished with wide scope of cricket shots like no place else!! 

Watch your monstrous sixes fly out in Slow-mo... feel the magnificence existing apart from everything else! 

Was that an astounding wicket? Look at it in real life Replay. 

Challenge your Friend: How great a player would you say you are? Discover by welcoming your companions and moving them to better your score with the marvelous offbeat multiplayer mode! 

Play competitions for limitless fun, Win coordinates and go up the pioneer board to meet a ton champions like you!

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