what is computer network.| what is computer science|what is computer| what is computer virus.

what is computer network.| what is computer science|what is computer| what is computer virus.| what is computer software | 64 bit computer

What is computer -:

 Computer is an electronic device which accept data and process then produce result . It perform the logical operation  as well as arithmatical operation . In logical operation computer perform the relational task  In comparison between two quantity a>b,a<b,a=b etc. 

computer is very popular device because computer  do any work very fast. It's fast one thousand people to work computer his work completed at a time one hours . 

Computer Full form :---

              c commanly

         O  operated          M  machine          P  particular  

         u used for          T   technology          E   educational          R   research 

            We can say that computer is very popular device as compared to its speed . As I know that the starting  capacity of computer system is remarkable.  When it's desire search anything from computer . It is very easy because  the data store in computer to separate location. 

Organization of computer :---

    Input  unit --: 

The input unit which helps used to store data in the system it is called input unit. 

The most common of input unit as follows --:  keyboard, mouse ,scanner and joystick ball etc. 

 Output unit --:

The output unit which helps user to take information from the system that is called output unit. The most common of output unit as follows --:  monitor printer speaker etc. 

 Process unit --:

The process unit which helps user to process data in the system that is called  process unit. The most common of process unit as follows --: CPU stands for (central process unit) .it is the main organ of computer brain of compiler just like heart of computer . All the the tasks which are related two process in this area ALU stands for (arthmatic and logic unit), MU stands for memory unit CU stands for central unit come under the CPU .

 Control unit --:

The control unit which are helps control all the hardware or physical equipment or device is known as control unit .this unit is very important of unit because without controlling we cannot perform the any task through the system. 

Storage unit --:

The storage unit which helps user to store data in the system temporarily as well as permanently that is called storage unit.  It provides the information as further given instruction is it own area.  Some common of storage unit as follows --: RAM, pendrive hard disk CD DVD etc. 

Characteristics of computer 

speed --:

Speed computer is very fast device as compare to its speed. It perform the the task in terms of speed Milli (1/10³), Pico (1/10¹²) this device very fast and now a days to perform any type of computer is being u

Accuracy --:

Accuracy computer is very accurate device . It never performs any mistake It performs task gigo (garbage in garbage out)  now a days some small type of task is Perform through search Type of device for example calculator is a small unit of computer you can see we want to perform any type of calculation calculator are used 

versatility --:

It is the term it is used to execute the task in multiple form is the same time computer system perform the multiple task is known as versatility as for example --: copy file, downloading file, developing software listing song etc as the same time. 

Dailigency --:

It is the term which is related to monotony tidness task of concentration which is accour. Theire are most lack of concentration monotony tidness thats why computer system perform the task. Computer feel fresh in the morning to night but human being feel fresh in the morning but after some our they feel tidness also developed monotony and lack of concentration. 

power of remembering --:

In computer system power of remembering is amazing. If you are searching any documents or file in computer system . If that particular file exist in the system then file will be found if not then it display information quickly data no found. 

No IQ  --:

Computer has no sense that means fully depends on human . Computer is guided  thoroughly from the human . If he say off then  the computer is OFF. If he say on then the computer is ON.  If computer is not directed by human  no any single task is performed there in computer system . Here, we can say that  Because computer is helpless without the computer human is better then  omputer.   Also Human is developer of the computer and we know that crrator is big from creation. 

NO feeling --:  

In computer system there is no sentiment emotion it perform the task on perfect input . If You are giving wrong information then the output will be wrong otherwise output will be true . We are facing lots of sentimental emotional sentence for the performing personal task . If above feeling awards About the person which are blackmailly sentimentally or emotionally become and manage the particular task either the information is complete or not .

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