Maha ashtami.


This year maha asthami on sunday ( रविवार) in 6th october 2019.

Maha asthami is celebrated in after two days of durga puja. This festival is also known as maha asthami and maha durga asthami . This is the an important festival  in india and its related to durga puja . Maha asthami  begins to mahasnan and shodshopchar puja ( षोडशोपचार पूजा ) . This festival is  also known as a largest festivalafter durga puja. maha  asthami has done in maha asthami and its called prana pratishtha   प्राण प्रतिष्ठा )   on maha asthami festival many durga shakti has come in the this festival those a large power in goddess durga puja.

Maha asthami 2019.


on the Maha asthami festival the youngest girls those are unmarried to celebrate this festival is also called kumari puja (younger puja) and many more. after nine days of durga puja are celebrated in the moment its a called kumari puja .kumari puja is also festival in the india. its not a  public holidays in india and some  person are celebrated this festival and or not. This festival is  also links  to durga navratri and durga puja in maha asthami festival ( kumari puja).

Maha asthami date and time.

In the maha asthami festival is important point of sandhi puja . its sandhi time is important time for any goddess and worshipper, preist, etc. maha asthami is a festival those are celebrated in india  and other country and the any festival also celebrated in the whole world. In this festival the also known as 10th form (mahavidyas) vira asthami. Vira means herorism and this festival durga also seen the beauty and their shakti . devine means the power of goddess and beauty.

Durga asthami significant.

In maha asthami festival  also fight the his (durga)   enemy mahishasura. Maahishasura is cruel devil in this land and he was killed many person . durga were killed them in the time  of durga puja and after ninth day the festival arise and man are celebrate in the moment. the durga puja of navratri festival on the eigth day of navratri festival. on the durga pua festival or durga asthami  and this stories of shared in your community , area ,village , city in your area kali appeared on the mother durga crushed and the kali puja. Mother durga crushed the chanda .munda and rakthbajia was the servants of mahisahshura.  In this day the offer worshipped to 64th yoginis and asthnayikish . its was incarnass of the festival and the power of shakti . during the durga puja was rituals and maintain the eight shakti .



How to celebrate durga asthami and what to do in this festival.

On this first we getup and ready to bath and goes to temple and perform goddess durga puja .
In This puja we to eighth pot and worshipped . Its ritual invoke ninth shakti of power of durga puja .
  • In the morning first we bath during the brahmamurat and wear a new cloth.
  • on this day red colored dupatta are important because that day those red dupatta are wearing the durga mata. and take ganges water in pot (kalash) mangoes leaves (aam) roli , moli ,fresh grass (saaf ghass) , sandlewood (chandan ki lakdi) , coconut (nariyal) , grains ( gehun) , rice (chawal) , supari,betel leaves , coloves , cardomom , kumkum (virmillion) and gulal .
          after the praying the puja kuumku,rice, flowers , roli, rice, grains, and diya.

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