Valmiki Jayanti .

Valmiki jayanti 2019.


This year maharashi Valmiki jayanti will be celebrated 13th October on Sunday.It's known as pragat diwas 2019 in India this May vary soon. Valmiki jayanti are celebrated the birth of Valmiki in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. valmiki was the famous poet in  india those ware wrote a first poets in sanskrit litreture. maharshi valmiki is  the great poeter and he was a good man .  maharshi was the fan of  lord rama and he was reserches  on the birth of  lord  rama.

Is the public holiday of valmiki jayanti.

Its is festival is not public holiday its depend on the person which peson  are celebrated and which are not celebrated its is optional holiday .In the valmiki day the man is going to celebrated but some man are not celebrating that day the official man are going to work and some man not going its specially celebrated  in ujjain city in madhya pradesh. most offices and buissness man are open  those day but some are not. In India some festival are optional  and some are not optional in the india.deresing list of   the holiday are in india. valmiki jayanti are celebrated the  great author and famous  poeter  and as farther hindu mythology.

Before some years ago the valmiki jayanti are celebrated beetween 2014-2020.

India is a cultural festival in the world  and he observens in the goverment office and some sector.

some goverment  office are closed that day because in india is many festival in a year . In 365 days in  india  has maximum days festival   in india and india is  also called  land of festival. In india some festival are restricted in  goverment offices and celebrated. india is vast and cultural society ,its is  also finded in the world.  This dates festivals falls in the purnima (moon day in full) and its called purnamasi as the month of ashwini and the calender of month beetween september to  october .this  is the festival those comes in the month of its .Valmiki Jayanti is Observe in acclaimed  in the saint. This festival specially celebrated in the northern india . In the northern its is called prgat diwas.

During of valmiki jayanti. 

  • Valmiki jayanti is the respected festivalin india and this day people are paying respect  towards Saint and Poets.  valmiki jayanti are celebrated in the several places like village and towns in the whole country. This festival like the  amazing festival in the whole country because the  festival are not to pressure any one , its your desire if you want to celebrated and not.prayers are offering in their potrait in many places,hindu preist are worship and complete his rule and regulation.
  • In the whole country valmiki jayanti are celebrated to reactionist of ramayana and worship for lord rama. There are several temple are dedicated in the whole country to valmiki in india. In the whole country many  temples are decorated and singing a sons and listing bhajan,bhakti ,etc.


Maharshi Valmiki was also believe on the lord  Sri Rama because he wanted to define lord Sri Rama birth place, birth era  of lord Sri Rama . It's a topic much debate in modern history. As per Sri Rama met Maharshi Valmiki as period time of exile and interacted him. Lord Rama were so excited that time and he was promised to lord Rama and I am big fann your. Lord Rama was born a twinschildren and also Ramayana was made twins brothers stories. Lord Rama were two sons lava and kusha .

 Early Life of  Maharshi Valmiki.

Maharshi Valmiki was early life decoit name Ratnakar. Those used to rob people and killing them. It's believe the sage narada muni. valmiki has born in india and want made a good education system in india an its fact to the valmiki was doine everything in his carriers.and he was a intelligent man and he was honesty man.

 Maharshi Valmiki jayanti 2019 and 2020.

Maharishi Valmiki jayanti is Hindu holiday in India. It's falls Hindu traditional in sometime September to October. its is the largest festival in India and the man are celebrating in the whole country because the federal festival are In Many temple. The next years valmiki jayanti festival  has celebrated very peacefully and maintains everything . Valmiki ji also a great poeter and  writer of sanskrit.

 Fact about Maharshi Valmiki temple.

The largest festival of Maharshi Valmiki jayanti situated in Thiruvanmayur in Chennai this was 1300 years old temple Rishi Valmiki rested at this location after pencilling Ramayana later on his . the temple was built in his name. india is the land of festival in india many cities and many temples in every town ,villages, and the whole country. In india is the largest country in the world and the many festival in this country because its a democracy country in the world and many religions are living together and celebrated all festival with all religions.

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