Sardar vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti.

biogrphy of sardar vallabh bhai patel.

Sardar Patel

sardar ballavbhai patel was born in 31 October 1875 and dead 15 December 1950. vallabhbhai patel was the  famous politician in india. he was the first deputy prime minister in india . he was popularly known was sardar patel. sardar patel was the leader of indian national congress and he also was fight for freedom of india . he was always great leader  in india .he was struggle for independents of india . he was called sardar that means "cheif" in hindu,urdu, parsian. he was the home minister of india and indo-pakistan war 1947.

patel was born in indian states of  side of gujrat .he was lawyer  of gujrat high court.patel was fight for indian indipendence .sardar patel was non violence person in the world. he was always think about  his country and they were maintain everything in india. he was  organaized  peaseant  in kheda , bardoli, borsad in gujrat in indipendence in gujrat against  britist raj. 

he was appointed 49th president of  indian national congress.he was promoting Quit india movement.
he was the first home minister of india and deputy prime minister of india. patel was the peaceful person in india and he refugee to punjab and delhi from pakistan  and worked for restore for peace. patel had 565 states of district in india patel in indian act 1947.

in india patel is called  iron man of india. he was also remember "  patron  saint of  india civil services. he was also establish the modern all india  sevices. he was also called unifier of india and the statue of unity is the world tallest  statue in india. this  statue  was dedicated in 31st october in 2018. its is 182 mitre heiht.

 Vallabh bhai Patel
Vallabh bhai patel was called the name as well as in full name vallabhbhai jhaverbhai Patel Vallabhbhai patel was born 31 October 1875 nadiad Gujrat. Sardar patel was died in December 15, 1950 in Bombay (Mumbai). He was the great leader and serve the county in during of freedom. He was Barrister of Indian national congress. Sardar patel was struggling for independency and they were after 1947. He was serve the county and prime Minister of India.

Sardar patel early life. 


Sardar patel was born in landlords family he was caste of Leva patidar. He was the trenditional in Hinduism family.
He was completed his  child education karma sad and higher level education was completed at patlad. Patel was  challenging in the manner and police witness or British judges. In 1908 patel wife had dead. Patel wife was born  a daughter and a son. Patel traveled in London in 1910 At study in middle temple. Patel was pass  there and they was honor students. Patel  was appearing examination and he was pass. After completing his education
He came back in India. He had  come back in India February 1913. He was settled in Ahmedabad. Raising become
The  barriester in criminal law  at the bar his smart, English style cloths, and  his championship in Ahmedabad  in bridge at Ahmedabad fashionnable Gujrat  club. He was in 1917 indifference Indian politician activities.

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