Guru nanak Jayanti.

Guru nanaka birthday.

Guru nanaka sahib was born in  talwandi district shekhpura  (present in Pakistan). Now nanaka sahib presents guru dwara in Pakistan.

The man are celebrating this day guru nanaka guruperb. It's a amazing festival in india that day all the market, shop, government sector was closed. Gurunanaka birthday normally in November purnamasi day the month of Kartika.

History of guru nanaka.

Guru nanaka sahib was thought about his religion, he was mix Islamic and Hindu both cultures. And make a new religion Sikhs. Guru nanak was born 40 miles from Lahore modern day  Pakistan in 1469.

Sikh guruparva is celebrated the main festival in all over India. This is the festival of sacred in sikh community. At notably shrine (guru dwara). Guru nanaka sahib father name was Kalu and mother name was tripta. Both names are called gurudwara janam aasthan.

In Pakistan

In a public holiday for Pakistan on 28 may 2014 in Pakistan assembly mpa Ramesh singh Arora the birthday of guru nanaka sahib 2014 onward. In Pakistan there is no any public holyday.

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Gurunanak guruperb also known as guru nanaka Prakash utsav and guru Jayanti. It's celebrated the first sikh guru and sindhi community. This is the one most sacred festival in sikh, shikim and sindhi.
Guru nanaka sahib birthday in Harman dir sahib complex amritsar.

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