Children's day.

Children's day in world.

This year children's day  in whole world 14th August 2019 on Thursday. Children's day celebrated whole world this main festival for child. This festival are celebrated many countries in many dates. This is known as the international children's day. Those are two types cultural and commercial.

Children day begins in second Sunday in 1857 by Charles Leonard pastor. Leonard want to good service for children. Leonard means that rose day and other children day and later was called flowers day. Children day. Children day was the first officially national republic holiday in turkey in 1920.that the date of 23rd April,
Children's day comes in the newspaper, media, in that day they were published and it's an official day for child in the whole world. Those day children holiday the government was also be assigned this. This was justified and Clearyfy on the republic of turkey by Mustafa kamaal ataturk.

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Children day was on 1 June 1950. It's on congress Moscow 4th November in 1949.
Major global holiday universal  children's holiday in 1959 by the government of united nation. It is first proclaimed  by the United Kingdom 1954. That is observed to objective  outline charter of  welfare chart. Declaration of United nation of child  on 20 November 1959. The United nation convention  the child of the right of child on 20 November 1989. It can be found council of Europe.

By the world's leaders stop spread hiv/aids by 2015. This is applied all people concerning primary objectives. In 2000 milliminiums development goal authorities. Children's right was allowed in 1989 by the UNICEF. They protect their children's and they didn't want to do work
They want to good health care and education and help children and they protect their right. United nation want to be able every child goes to school and they compete their education. In 2000 ban ki moon genral secretary  against for child. This aim firstly was goal completed in 2015. The children communications skill develop and life is also change their life. And the respect him.


In the whole countries children's are used to child labour and they are working on hotels and factories. In the global experience the child are abuse and violence, explosion, descriminition. The child labor are increasing day by day in the whole world. It immersed arms conflict living on the streets. The child are also suffering arms and religions there feelings effect war and they are also suffering conflicts physical and psychological.


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