Chhath puja 2019.

Chhath puja in India 2019.


This year chhath puja in  Bihar will begin on Saturday 2 November and ends on Sunday 3 November.

In chhath puja in vedic of Hindu festival . its more specifically indian stats of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. In other country Nepal is the also known as chhath puja. The chhath puja will celebrate to  Sun and his wife Usha. This festival doesn't  involve any idol worship. The chhath puja is  observed by Nepalese and indian people.
This Festival is mainly for Hindu but and some muslim are celebrating This festival in any State's.

Chhath puja 2019.

This festival is also called some names example chhat parv, chhathi, chhath puja,
Dala chhath,Dala puja, Surya sasathi.this festival was observed by Indians people and Nepalese people, Maghai, methilis, Bhojpuri people,awadhi people.

History of chhath puja.

Its a ancient vedic text is Rigveda contain worship the sun god. The ritual also called sanskrit poem Mahabharata which Draupadi obserbving similar rites. Drupadi and Pandavas was the rular of Indraprastha (old Delhi). Its ritual  on the daumahiya . They was helped the Pandavas after some day they had lost the their kingdom.

It's was yogic history and  the time of vedic. The Rishi of this method. Its an external energy directly sun rays.thid was done through the method of chhath. Its a story related to lord Rama. Its consider of lord Rama of aayodhya and Sita and Maithili . Lord son of Month of kartika  Shukla Prakash after returning of aayodhya. After 14 year's of exile.

History of chhathi maiya.


The goddess who is worshipped is known as  famous chhath puja is called chhathi maiya. Chhathi maiya is also known as Usha in Vedas. She is the wife of Surya and the sun god. In India mithilanchal they also worshipped RANA MAI,.

Its a festival those worship in both raising in India sitting the sun.

In this festival is unique of Murti puja (idols worshipped). Just unlike of Hindu religion is called Murti puja. In this religion are fasting and abstaining from drinking water its long period of time and offering Prasad. Its sitting to araghya and raising sun. This Festival is eco-friendly in Hindu religion. This Festival is observed in madhesh(southern) Nepal and indian States of Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh etc. This Festival is also celebrateing in northern Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Uttara Khand etc.

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