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Bhai dooj. 

Bhai dooj 2019 in India. 

This year's bhai dooj In India. will be held  October 29 in India.

Bhai dooj (bhaiya dooj) festival in india is the Hindu festival in india. This year bhai dooj festival will be held October 29 in India 2019. Bhaiya dooj let's know the Rituals known as bhai dooj.

 BHAI DOOJ 2019.

bhai dooj the festival of india and this festival are celebrated by woman and they are praying God for their brother long life and the brother are gifted her sister. The festival are celebrated last day 5 days long from Diwali. This festival are celebrated last sukhla paksha in the Hindu month of Kartika.

According to hindu mythology after deafiting evil demon narakusara. Lord Krishna visit to his sister subhadra who gave him sweet and flowers for welcome him. Subhadra had tilaka for his brother in forehead because they were looking like king. In this day Yama God were visited  in subhadra house. Yama she put Tilak on her brother for head. Bhai dooj the festival of loving brothers and sisters. In this festival is made a specially dishes and special pray for brothers. Bhai dooj the festival of like rakhsha bhandhan. And the man are celebrating.

 history of bhai dooj festival in india. 

Bhai dooj the festival of significant straingth the affection between brothers and sisters. As the name suggests dwitiya tithi as the name of Hindu festival. Bhai dooj festival known as two name bhai dooj in Hindu mythology Bharati dwatiya. Those are more popular than after dipavali two days are celebrated and also known as bhai dooj.

Holi bhai dooj festival 2020 in India.

Holi bhai dooj festival is also known as dharma sindhu, Narayana sindhu and varatraj. It's is also called bhai dooj festival. This festival is not mentioned in the bhai dooj festival. This festival bhai dooj is observed by the holika dahan.
The next day festival are celebrated rangwali holi festival.
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calendar of holi bhai dooj festival.

India is the land of festival and there Indian live alive colorful life because in in India every month festival has celebrated. As known as holi festival is also colorful festival in India. This time is bhai dooj festival in holi. This festival is specially for brothers and the next day they falls in the love bhai dooj festival. According to hindu mythology there are two bhai dooj festival one is in deepavali and second is after holi festival in india we celebrate every festival. Because we are living like a brother and sisters. In holi bhai dooj festival sisters are prayed for his brother to well life happen his and my brother are always live happy in any where. The sister are taking a thaali and they are fasting and eating sweet his brothers and the brother are gifted her sister. The brother are promised to protect his sister.


Bhai dooj festival is also known as many names like bhai beej, bhau beej, bhai dooj, bhai phota, bhaiya dooj etc. This festival is affectional festival festival brothers and sisters. The next day of month of Kartika. Diwali is the world's famous festival. Last fifth day festival the will be started Kartika.

 Is bhai dooj festival is public festival. 

Yes this public holidays festival. In this festival all government sector are getting vocation and they are living in the room. But some private sectors are open because they are earning money and the serve the family because he has maintained everything.

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