Teacher's day. |teacher day 2018|teacher day hindi quotes|teacher day english speech|teacher day essay|teacher day history.

Teacher's day. |teacher day 2018|teacher day hindi quotes|teacher day english speech|teacher day essay|teacher day history.

Teacher's day 2020 :- Teacher's is our parents they learn to me true or false and positive or negative. Teachers is our second God in our earth. They ready to eligible in our future and our careers. They never thought wrong about his students they always thought right about his student because they  don't know which students make his future in his life and not. But some student are talented in the class and clever. It's not truly every student always keep brilliant its not possible because one day he has drop his study for some problems but those students are not brilliant they continue his study continuesly because his parents are paid money in right time. They learn how to sacrifice in our life. In they are called like guruji and master ji also known as guru is famous in India.

Happy teacher's day 2020 qutoes.


Why teachers day celebrated in India on 5th September.

The great teacher Dr sarvapalli radhakrisnan has birth anniversary in 5 September so man has celebrated teachers day because he was great teacher in India.
All students know as well Dr sarvapalli radhakrisnan because he stucate in the education and he was president of India.

One day some students and their Freinds says that you are the great teacher in India your birthday day we celebrate some different that time they come idea and they want to get permission Dr sarvapalli radhakrisnan because they want to celebrate always in India like festival that day all students are gifts his teachers and all teachers. The teacher are also because that they also feel proud. we are teacher and my students are celebrated me. All teachers said to thanks Dr sarvapalli radhakrisnan because he gives you respect.

One day Dr sarvapalli radhakrisnan has given speech that the year 1965. Dr sarvapalli radhakrisnan had go to in gathering to pay great teachers repute.he was a great teacher in India and Bangladesh because also known as president of India.

Since 1967 5 September to celebrate stared to teacher's day and till date we celebrating Really he was a great teacher.


Pandit jawahar Lal nehru was a closer Freind Dr sarvapalli radhakrishnan.Because
He was a great teacher, a great philospher, a great humanists, a great honesty person, a great educationist , a great president of India. We honour and respect this man because he do everything in education sector.


On teachers day all students comes in their schools, tutions, coachings and any center's they celebrate very happily. They wear dress and look like a student then all students goes to his center. In his center they heard about Dr s. Radhakrishnan and heard speech from their teachers. They trying to better in his carrier and his teacher and students friendly.


Dr sarvapalli radhakrishnan was born on 5th September in 1888  in the pilgrim town of tirutani. He was belongs to middle family. They always wanted to get education in his life and learn speak English. Their father was priest they was forbid him to learn English.


Dr sarvapalli radhakrishnan tallent were outstanding and they wanted to study in future. However they joined school in tirupati and then vellore. After completing the school. He joined in Christian college in madras and his subject was philosophy and they interested in this subject and also known as great philosophers in India. 

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He was a great teacher in India and early day he was professor of precidency College in madras, India. He was offered professorship in kolkata University when he was 28 years old. He was a vice-concellor of Andhra University to 1921-1936. He was appointed  vice chancellor of banaras Hindu University in 1939.

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After two years he took sir sayaji rao chairs in Indian culture and civilization in banaras Hindu University. He was vice president of India in 1952. He was made head of states for five years. 

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