Muharram is the festival of Islamic calendar first month. This festival is most important festival in the whole world. Muharram starts on one day to 10 days.
Muharram will espected on 10 September 2019 in Arabic calendar 1441's lunar based cycle is also known as muharram.



Muharram is the festival of Islamic calendar first month of the year and the first day of muharram history was started. It's battle of karbala in 680 AD in Iraq Baghdad. When imam Hussain ibn Ali, prophet Muhammad's  grandson was killed by yazid in karbala in South down of 100km in Baghdad. This days is honorable for shia Muslims. In Islam four months of holy festival in a most festival after Ramadan is muharram and muharram is a consider to be after Ramadan. When prophet Muhammad migrated to mecca to Madina this time is called hijrah. Muharram is also most important festival in the Islam.

many Muslims person are follow the Islamic calendar and they also derived from Muhammad prophet hijrah and their magration. 


The day of ashura fourteen centuries ago the battle of karbala in 680 there was prophet Muhammad and his grandson and little child. The battle of karbala was killed by cruel person yazid. The battle was only for religion. And imam Hussain was slain there message was kindness, equality, peaceful, and justice.  They love each other its real victory of karbala in 680 AD in Iraq.

It is the real story of behind karbala. Imam Hussain  had mourning for Islam and its is tragic one. It is a 10th day of muharram it is known as ashura. Imam Hussain has a small army. It's battle of two supports army and relative  prophet Muhammad grand son imam hussein and yazid had a larger army. 
Here is 72 army and and yazid has larger army. 

Imam Hussain had fought army only his Freind and family. There was a thousand of armies was sraounded by cruel and yazid they was very dangerous armies. In three days their was thrust and hungry for food. There was dessert and three day was hungry and thrust, it's very though exam for Islam safe religion. Imam Hussain was killed by yazid armies and 6th years old child was die
In their.

Its very emotional story of karbala and imam Hussain they sacrifices for his religion. It's a mourning period month of muharram.
The month of muharram was extremely emotional and the shia Muslims are sacrifice and mourning in the month of muharram. Shia Muslims are also sacrifice their family and that day they are mourn they respect the karbala story.



The mourning period of start to the first day of muharram to last 10 days. Until the day of karbala. They wearing the black clothes and they are fasting the 10th day called   ashura.Traditionally some of them they break fasting after the( zawwal) afternoon. They took knife and Sharp objects. They are cutting his body themselves and they respect imam Hussain and Islam. This painful is there observation and they respect imam Hussain. They are non violent and said loudly "yaa Hussain" wailling loudly.

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