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In Hindu religion the 8th creation of Vishnu. When sri Krishna was born they had prank and fun. Some worship say that Krishna is a ideal child of innocence. In his youth life he his very romantic and lover person. They loving very much and each other and they sound fluet. The composenent and they devoted. The greatest was devotee. He was the composites king and they cares about poor. He was a loyal person and they helping each other. He was skilled for war and and close friends of arjuna. Because arjuna is the king of kruksethra. It's real scripture in the bhagwad Gita and Ramayana in the world. 

Just  some day before arjuna had dilouge with Krishna and said that it's my real war in the world. The arjuna had seekers and they thought the war, how the battle has drafted other emperor. How seeker was an aspiring with seek and God.

 Unlike the other scripture The seventh of the past scriptures in the past. The bhagwad Gita did not reach world renunciation but they acception. The bhagwad Gita enougrated in the world, this book is a favorite book of Hindu religion and their holy book of bhagwad gita.

There's are many exciting story about lord Krishna there birth to death. Sri Krishna  one day sri Krishna was in fasting and there faith and Hindu religion pray for lord Krishna. Hindu religion celebrate the birth of lord Krishna birthday. It's is the of the most popular and biggest festival in India.
From those day lord Krishna birthday is known as a Janmashtami of Krishna.


Sri was born in month bhadrapda at a day of 8th in the dark forthnight. This day is lucky day at rohini Nakshatra. It's amazing in this Nakshatra those are born who is lucky person in the world. It is called birth anniversary of Lord sri Krishna.

 Krishna was born in devaki and vasudeva in prison in mathura city. Those city is beautiful city in India. He was bought up in yasoda and nanda. There maternal was very dangerous they want to kill lord Krishna but God are safety everywhere. 


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