This year's milad un Nabi 2019 will begin on Saturday 9 November and ends evening 10 November on Sunday.


Eid - milad - un - Nabi is also known as milad - un-Nabi and brafat(12 rabi ul awal). it's  observed in the whole country November 9.

  • Milad - un-Nabi  history in Islam. 

In the Islam prophet Muhammad was born in 12th day of rabi - ul-awwal in mecca in 570 century. This is the third month of Islamic calendar. Prophet Muhammad birth anniversary in 12 rabi ul awal. 

 How was the day of this day.                       


On this day the parents are ready to his child and speak about prophet Muhammad and the head of this member they also speech about prophet Muhammad. 

In this day there was gathering in the road and his area. The rich family are also donate the poor family. And also donated charity and others. Consider an important  an aspect of Eid -milad - un-Nabi. 

In this day prophet Muhammad was chosen a successor hazrat Ali. On the other hand sunni community was pray meeting for throughout. Shia community believes the hazrat Ali. 


Several countries are celebrating their country, state and city, home they are decorating. It's an important to teaching of the holy prophet. It's considered compassion Muslim across of holiday. 

How milad un Nabi celebrated in India. 

In jammu and kashmir there is a hazratbal  shrine in long-night prayer every year. There is huge rush person in every year. 

Hyderabad is the also large Muslims community city there is many Muslim are living. There is also like other country Muslim thing. In this city are attracting for any people. There is special festivals, religious meetings, rallies its amazing city in India. 

Lucknow  is the famous in for Muslim religion because there is a many different mosque, Madarsa, Muslim girls school, Muslim boy school, imam bada etc. Islamia school, lalbagh, Amina bad park,chowk mandi, juloos-e-madhe-sahaba the celebration of Eid Milad un Nabi from surveillance under drone camera and maintain everything.

Mumbai is also huge Muslims community are available there is area dongri, bhendi bazaar, nagpada, pydohi, and bycUlla etc are celebrated Eid Milad un Nabi in every area and there are decorated street and their home. 

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