Eid ul adha 2019.

Monday ,12th August 2019./ Tuesday , 13th August 2019./ Wednesday, 14th August 2019./ Thursday, 15th August 2019.---oman.

Monday 12th August 2019./ Tuesday, 13th August 2019.----Comoros.
Monday,12th August----70 Countries celebrate Eid ul adha.
Sunday, 11th August-----15 Countries.
Friday, 31 July 2020./ Saturday, 1st August 2020.---- Comros.
Friday, 31 July 2020./ Saturday, 1st August 2020./ Sunday 2nd August 2020./  Monday , 3rd August 2020 ---- Oman.

Friday ,31st July 2020 ----- 78 countries.
Saturday, 1 St August 2020 ---- 20th countries.

Bakrid is the festival of Muslim in the whole world.

It is the most important to Islamic relision.
This Festival is sunnat of Ibrahim allahisslam. In this year this festival is on satuSatu 10 August 2019 in Saudi Arabia. In this event Ibrahim alahisallah sacrifice his son for God.

Ibrahim is the favourite prophet of Allah.
once upon a time a ibrahim was a beautiful addict to they eat food every beggers one day one begger has crossed his house that ibrahim was called him and  said him to seat and to invite eat food.

 Ibrahim said  tell god name(alllah) and said bismillah ir rahman ir rahim.

the man said ibrahim i am idol priest person we can not called name of allah that time ibrahim said him priest go from here.the Perist had gone from there and that just after some minute jibraiel come and said ibrahim the god had eaten food in whole life.

that time ibrahim gone to find him and that time the man has climb the mountain and ibrahim called him and said them come here with me and eat food that time the man said ibrahim why had come here ibrahim said allah said  to me. i will eat food him a whole life you can not eat a one time.

The perist said him first you are read kalma.            

Its story of ibraheem because ibrahim had not any child and he pray from god(allah) and after one year there was a child and they are happy in a life. ibrahim seen  a dream and allah(god) said the ibrahim you have to do qurbani of his son. ibrahim had agree from god and one day he said his son ismail.We are going for fare and his son ismail agree and next  day ibrahim and his son gone from his house in the way iblish said ismail your father goes to you for qurbani. ismail said iblish its my father and he never thought wrong for me.

And ismail asked his father it is true we are going for qurbani.

ibrahim said his son its farman of allah and also ismail said i am agree because its farman of allah. the process is stared and ibrahim had black cloth hang on ismail eye and sleep them.And ismail said his father you don't said may mother beause she was weeping for me and ibrahim had taken knife in hand and started collins that allah(god) said jibrail go fast and keep the healthy goat.when the ibrahim open the and see the goat has done qurbani ismail has safety from that time allah said ibrahim you are sacrificing for god.the festival will started from that time

His festival is commemrate the willingness of Ibrahim (also known as Abraham allahisslam).

muslim around observed this event  in whole world. It is normal public festival.
In this festival all government and public sector are closed.
Many qurbani cattles are available in saudia Arabia. It is respect of words for God(Allah). The god was provided a male goat for Abraham substtitus because (allah) god wanted to see ibrahim can do it or no.before he forwent his son.

It's sacrifice and the male goat had sacrifices  dividing into three part.

its one third part the poor has offered one thirs part share and another part given Freind and families.It is a real waqya (story) was rainted family of ibrahim allahisslam (abraham).

When does date bakrid fall.

The festival 10 days before dahu al- hjjah.according to Islamic calender the will change every year and it's depends on the islamic calanders.any festival date has decided Islamic countries .First of all any festival decided in Arabia because Mecca and madina was the home town of Islamic prophet Muhammad sahab. There was a kaba sharif and abe zam zam.this festival is celebrating in different names Just like called bakrid,eid ul adha is festival of secrifices and god(allah)wanted
from ibahim to see ibrahim can qurbani his son.

it this point, those on Hajj input Mecca and continue at once to Islam’s holiest site and the biggest mosque on the planet, 

Masjid al Haram, additionally referred to as simply “the Grand Mosque.” The mosque wraps around the Kaaba, a big cube in which is a black meteorite and a few other holy relics, and all pilgrims must circle the Kaaba seven times going counterclockwise. that is known as “tawaf .

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